What are Live Rooms?

Time to ditch Zoom.

Live Rooms are your community's personal space to get together face-to-face. Audio-only is ok too, but we encourage real connection πŸ‘―β€β™‚οΈ

Many tools are available, including:

  • Record your session

  • Screenshare

  • Start breakout groups

  • Ask people to turn on the video

  • Chat in-line

  • Send emojis

Pictured: Sayaka playing language learning games with her exclusive community.

What should I do in the meetups?

You can do many fun things:

  • Complete the current challenge together

  • Q&A

  • Sharing & advice circle

  • Feedback circle

  • Watch your latest Youtube video together

    Here is an example meetup outline you can use as a starting point:

    Meetup Outline

How to add a meetup on the web

  1. Click the +Create tab on the upper-right corner

  2. Click Meetup

  3. Fill in the info needed for your meetup,

    • Title- Add the name of your event.

    • Location- Enter the event link for the virtual meetup in the "Location/ Meeting link" or you can use our Live Room by clicking the "Use Live Room" tab

    • Date- Schedule the date and time of your meetup.

    • Description- Fill in the info giving a description of what you will be doing.

    • Select the circle related to this event- Meetups are circle-specific, so choose which circle you would like for it to appear.

    • You have the option to create a recurring meetup. Select how often you want to hold this meetup.

  4. Review the details and click Save

You can also add a meetup on the web using the setting menu

  1. Click the settings icon in the top-right corner of the left panel

  2. Click Meetups > Create a new meetup

  3. Fill in the needed information

  4. Review the details and click Save

How do I keep my live room safe and/or private?

In your live room, you have the ability to control to lock your room so you can moderate who can join

  1. In the Live Room, click Settings

  2. On the right panel of the settings, go to Room

  3. Toggle on/off the Locked room button

It’s good practice to keep this room locked as often as possible. Both during a meeting and away from your room. This allows you to stay safe, and avoid unwanted guests.

Can I share my screen/ use breakout rooms/ record the meetup?

Yes! You can do all of those with the admin controls.

How do I record the live room?

  1. Click the record button to begin recording

  2. Once the meeting is over, click on the record button again to stop recording

Shorter recordings will appear on your "Home" page in less than 5 minutes. Wait up to 30 minutes for longer recordings.

πŸ“Œ The recording is currently only supported on a desktop or laptop using the Chrome and Chromium browsers. It is not available on mobile devices and safari.

Where can I find the live room recordings?

Your recordings can be viewed on your Meetups page.

Note: Recordings are available to ALL members regardless of tier.

How to share my meetup?

  1. Go to the Meetups page

  2. Choose the meetup that you want to share

  3. To share the link, click the arrow on your Meetup

  4. In the window prompt, you can choose to copy the shareable link or post it directly to your social media channels

How do I remind people?

  • Once someone RSVPs for the event, they will receive a push notification 24 hours, 3 hours, 1 hour, and at the start time.

  • We recommend posting a countdown on IG as well

  • Once you are in the live room for 2 minutes, your community will receive an email letting them know you are live!

How to invite a guest speaker

There are two options for inviting a guest speaker

  1. They can use a private live room and share the link. Anyone who has the link can join without creating a profile. So be careful who you share it with. The only thing is you cannot record a private session.

  2. Create a 100% off coupon for the guest speaker. They will join like a regular member, however, will never get charged.

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