1. Start sharing with your inner circle right away

Together you can test out features like:

  • Live room with zoom-like video chat, breakout groups, screen share, and recordings

  • Circles with social links integrated to hype each other up

  • Challenges with progress wheels & growth trackers for accountability

Consider: making these early members your ambassadors, as they'll feel empowered to support the community with lively discussions.

2. Start teasing something exciting on social media

IG polls are an interactive way to get feedback, collect social proof for future sharing, and trigger anticipation.

Who'd be interested in a community for us?!

What goals do you have & how can the community support?

Any ideas on what to call our community?

Here is how Maya Lee @mayaleex3 grew her community to 1,000+ in less than a week:

Responses can be reshared for social proof once your community is live!

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