What is a Challenge?

The activity your community will partake in together 🎊

What is a Challenge Series?

A series is a collection of challenges.

For example 10 Day Meditation Challenge

How to auto-share my YouTube videos as challenges

  1. Click the settings icon in the top-right corner of the left panel

  2. Click Details

  3. Under the Social Links add your YouTube link > Check ☑️ the Auto-share new YouTube videos as challenges

Tips for maximizing the success of your challenges!




Series (collection of challenges)

🚶 7 Days of Walking

💪 Frozen to Fearless

🎉 Glow Up Series

1. Try a X days of Y structure, as numbers are like ear candy and signs clear progress within a time constraint.

2. Imply outcomes. Challenges are not just fun! People participate in challenges for personal growth. The best challenge hint at outcomes members would like to achieve.

Challenges (single activity)

🏃‍♀️ Day 1- Walking

📈 Weekly Check-In

💋 Fav Lip Shade Challenge

1. Choose an exciting photo, video, or gif. Overlay text to describe the challenge. Like a youtube video thumbnail! 2. Outline why this challenge is important. Why is it good for your members to partake? How will it benefit? Don't be shy to paste from a quick google search. 3. Strong call-to-action. Easy to understand instructions reduce mental overhead. 4. Lead by example. You lead, they follow. Your members will love seeing you complete the challenge. 5. Share widely. IG/FB stories, IG/FB posts, and YouTube videos are great ways to engage.

Here are some great examples!

Heal Your Living Community

Early Birds Community

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