Integrate whatever you want into your Vibely community

You've got important initiatives-- whether your shop, affiliate links, website, playlists, courses, resources--- and Vibely is your all-in-one place to integrate them.

Import anything with Vibely. To set up, email

Sell more flagship products with custom badges

Anyone who buys your product receives this badge and entry into an exclusive circle.

Here's the Artist of Life badge that Lavendaire gives to members who purchased her yearly planner.

Email to request a custom badge.

Create challenges with brand sponsors

Each challenge can integrate a prize (eg 1 Year subscription to Headspace).

Integrate your brand deals into these challenges by offering an organic tie-in into a 7 day or 14-day challenge.

Create meetups for ticketed events

Got a retreat or live tour? Create a meetup in the community so people can discover and purchase.

People can RSVP, share with others, and get reminders for the upcoming event, increasing ticket sales.

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