๐Ÿ’ก Ambassadors are appointed by the creator and have special privileges within the community. They have been chosen for their leadership abilities and are there to help the community be the best it can be!

What do they do?

Ambassadors are there to keep the community safe and valuable. They can delete messages, remove members, and do things like host meetups and lead discussions.

Contacting an ambassador

Ambassadors have a teal badge next to their name.

To message an ambassador

Tap any ambassador's profile > Click the DM icon and start chatting with them. You can always ask for help, but be mindful of the vibe check.

Contacting an ambassador on mobile

Tap any ambassador's profile on mobile to start chatting with them. Ask for help anytime!

How do I become an ambassador?

Each community is different! Be on the lookout because the creator will likely post an announcement letting you know when they are looking for new ambassadors. You can always reach out to a current ambassador to ask.

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