How do I get on the leaderboard or top charts?

The top charts list the most active members of a certain community by month and All-time. You can accrue points in the following ways:

  • Complete a challenge (100 points)

  • Your post is inspiring (1 pt)

  • You leave feedback/comment on a post (3 pt, 1 comment per post)

  • When you're inspired by someone's post (1pt)

  • Vote in a poll (1pt)

  • First 5 messages sent (1pt each for 5 messages only)

  • Someone likes your message (1pt each like)

View leaderboard on web

You can view the leaderboard by going to the left panel of the page and click the Leaderboard tab.

View leaderboard on mobile

In the Vibely app, go to the Circles or Home page, and in the upper right corner, click on the leaderboard icon.

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