Where can I find the Leaderboard?

  1. On your mobile, go to Circles

  2. On the upper right corner click the medal icon

How do I get on the leaderboard or top charts? 🥇

The top charts list the most active members of a certain community by month and All-time. You can accrue points in the following ways:

✨ Complete a challenge (100 points)

👏🏻 Your post is inspiring (1 pt)

🎉 You leave feedback/comment on a post (3 pt, 1 comment per post)

✨ When you're inspired by someone's post (1pt)

💚 Vote in a poll (1pt)

😎 First 5 messages sent (1pt each for 5 messages only)

😉 Someone likes your message (1pt each like)

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