Circles empower lively discussions about any topic you choose.

What circles should I create?

Ask yourself: (a) what are your goals? and (b) what would be valuable for my community?

Topics include:

  • Mental Health

  • Need Advice

  • Body Positivity

  • #OOTD

  • Books

  • New Drops

Or you can segment by location:

  • Los Angeles Chapter

  • Tokyo Buddies

  • Australia Chapter

  • Canada Chapter

  • Finland Friends

What happens in a circle?

  • Positive & safe discussions

  • Meetups for the circle

  • Challenges for the circle

  • Announcements for the circle

Circle Leads get special badges to reward them for their leadership.

Can anyone create a circle?

Up to you!

Free communities often allow anyone to create and lead a circle, which self-organizes into an engaging community. Exclusive branded communities will sometimes limit who can create a circle.

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Default circle vs private circle

The default circle is where all of your new members will be automatically added.

The private circle is where only people you invite will see it. Follow these steps to create a private circle.


The feed layout supports posts and topic threads. It will be displayed in a feed-like style layout where the community can post photos, videos, share content, and show appreciation.

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