1. Share across platforms.

Get the word out on any or all of the following:

  • IG posts

  • IG stories

  • Youtube video + link in the description

  • Community tab on YouTube

  • TikTok video

  • Email newsletter. Pro tip: add a permanent link to all your email communications.

  • Facebook Groups

2. Show your personality

Tell the camera why you created this safe space and how new members will benefit. Captions are a *must* with short attention spans.

3. Overlay screenshots and recordings, or greenscreen

4. Weave social proof to trigger FOMO

Initial posts, new members chatting, and raving community members are a great way to attract latecomers.

5. Share exciting details about specific challenges, meetups, or circles

Got a 5 AM challenge coming up? DIY Workshop? Plant Health Q&A? Flaunt it.

Let people know about specific events or upcoming challenges so they can get amped.

How Lavendaire reached 17K+ community members:

  1. Announced her first challenge in a Youtube video

  2. Sent a blast to her email list instructing how to join

  3. Supported with multiple IG stories + reposts

6. Consistency is key

Share 7x over the course of a week.

Remember the Rule of 7 in Marketing: people need multiple (potentially 7) to see and internalize your message.

Don't be shy to share the amazing activity in the community!

Our most successful creators share at least 3x week for the first few weeks. And continue to share weekly challenges and challenge winners after that.

The more you share = the more successful your community will be

7. Highlight your community on Instagram so people can find it

  1. Add your magic link to your bio or list of links.

  2. Include your link to your community in your weekly newsletter if you have one.

  3. Save your announcement and community posts as an IG highlight.

8. Post on your most popular account

Ephemeral content like IG stories has a notoriously low reach rate.

IG posts are more likely to be seen if you want the message to get out.

Bonus tip: Avoid sharing about different things too close together.

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