Add a paywall to your community's charge for access!

Common perks

  • Custom badges for premium members

  • Exclusive circles for premium members only.

  • Exclusive challenges that drive growth, accountability, or results

  • Exclusive meetups like monthly workshops or weekly group check-ins in your live room

  • Exclusive courses, content, or resources that are integrated into your community.

  • More ideas

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How much do I charge?

Paid Vibely communities range anywhere from $11/ month to $1,000/ month

Generally, the price goes up the more time you spend with members (chatting, live sessions, etc.), and the more resources and benefits your members get. It also goes up the more specialized your knowledge is (think coaching) or if the outcome is worth the investment (think starting a business).

Here is an article that walks you through how you can think about pricing your community.

Creators as a whole have a tendency to undervalue what they have to offer. If this is you, we encourage you to think big! Reach out to our team if you would like any help pricing your community:

Can I have multiple tiers?

Absolutely! We recommend having no more than 3 tiers to keep things easy for you and your members. Higher tiers will have access to everything in the lower tiers. You can have all paid tiers or a mix of one free + paid tier.

Can I charge my members in a different currency?

Yes, Vibely supports most currencies ๐Ÿ’ธ Email our team at to set this up.

Can I charge my members quarterly or annually?

Yes! In order to set up quarterly or annual payments, please reach out to

After you connect your bank account, you are able to:

Create Coupons

Create coupons for any reason. Some common ones:

  • Free or discounted access for ambassadors

  • Promotions or sales (Black Friday, etc.)

  • Offer a free month for new members.

  • For guest speakers

View your payments

You can see a detailed breakdown of your member payments by heading to Settings > Stats and clicking Check payouts.

Assign Access Levels.

Once you set up your tiers, you can assign access levels to all challenges, meetups, and circles.

Getting Started

To get started, head to your settings > monetization and start adding your tiers!

Once you are ready, click submit. Our team will review it and you will be notified once it is approved. The final step is to connect your bank account. Once you do this, you can start charging members for access!

Some Vibely memberships for inspiration:

Success Circle, Team Fab Finance, and Spanish with Kerry

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