Add a paywall to your community charge for access!

Common perks

  • Custom badges for premium members

  • Exclusive circles for premium members

  • Exclusive challenges that drive growth, accountability, or results

  • Exclusive meetups like monthly workshops or weekly group check-ins in your live room

  • Exclusive courses, content, or resources that are integrated into your community

Release multiple tiers

Create up to 5 tiers per community.

Common paths:

Free community with premium tiers

  • Free tier

  • Premium tier

  • Premium+ tier

Examples: Early Birds, Heal Your Living, Bliss Bean ...

Pay-to-access community

  • Low tier

  • Mid tier

  • Highest tier

Examples: NihongoDekita, Fabfinance, AskSebby ...

How much do I charge?

The standard price charged per member is $10 per month, all the way to $199 per month.

Can I charge my members in a different currency?

Yes, Vibely supports most currencies 💸

Can I charge my members quarterly or annually?

Yes! In order to set up quarterly or annual payments, please reach out to

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