1. Give them some quick advice on how to best start the challenge.

2. Be very simple and brief when describing the challenge. Cut the fluff and give them short, specific instructions.

3. Give your challenge specific numbers or measurements (“List 5 goals”, “Read ten pages”, “Walk 30 minutes”, etc.).

4. Ask your community to upload photos, drop emojis, leave comments, or provide some other proof that the challenge has been completed.

5. Encourage interaction and support between members.

6. Attaching guides, like worksheets or YouTube videos.

7. Offering prizes.

8. Don’t make the challenge too difficult. Usually, challenges shouldn’t take more than 5-10 minutes to be accomplished in one sitting.

9. Integrate media like popular movies or songs.

10. Let people know you will release the results of your challenge at the end.

11. Provide a short video or cool photo along with the text of the challenge.

12. Recommend that challenges are paired with things they already do, such as writing in their journal right after brushing their teeth.

13. For multi-day challenges, gradually increase intensity. (Read for 5 minutes on Day 1, 10 minutes on Day 2, and 15 minutes on Day 3).

14. Let them know the direct benefits of completing the challenge.

15. Do the same challenges alongside your members if you can.

16.Check out our article on how to integrate the latest habit research to make your challenges more effective!

Challenge Template

Challenge: Meditate 10 Minutes For A More Peaceful Mind!

Description: Put a yoga mat out when you go to bed, and when you wake up, meditate right away for 10 minutes! When you’re done, upload a picture of your Zen face so we can show you some love! We’ll vote on who looks the most chilled out at the end, and the winner will be added to my Close Friends list on IG!

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