You can embed almost any website, pdf, or Google Docs as a custom page in your community. Most of our creators will use it as a way to compile resources like videos, templates, or PDFs. Do you have an ebook to include? Perfect!

Other creators will embed their e-commerce store or affiliate links for easy access. Whatever will be helpful for your membership, consider adding it here.

Simply rename the page to whatever you want and paste the link.

To embed a PDF or document you will need to add it to something like Google Drive and paste the share link.

Sample pages: Productive potatoes, Leah Melle

Can I have multiple custom pages?

Unfortunately, we only support one custom page at this time.

Custom page is not working.

Please do either one of the following, depending on your case:

  • If the website is managed by you, then you need to allow embedding the website in an iframe. It can be very different to enable that depending on the technologies you are using, but the keyword to search is "Allow iframe in YOUR_TECHNOLOGY". YOUR_TECHNOLOGY could be something like Wordpress, Express.js, PHP, etc.

  • If the website is managed by a third-party service, you need to contact that service provider and ask them to "Allow iframe in". They may or may not do that.

PS. If you want to embed a Notion doc, reach out to our team and include the public link. There is one extra step to take.

Any questions, email

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