Where do I start?

Here's what we suggest doing when you get to Vibely:

  1. Join a community.

  2. Join circles within that community that interests you.

  3. Make friends and take on challenges together!

  4. Participate in meetups and hang out with others who share your interests.

But first, some definitions.

  • Community: a group led by your favorite creator

  • Circle: sub-groups in a community with group chats, meetups, etc.Community: a group led by your favorite creator

  • Challenges: Challenges are enjoyable activities in which the members can participate.

  • Live Room & Meet Up: Live room is a virtual hangout space where people can connect with one another, exchange their experiences, and gain new knowledge by participating in meetups.

👉 Don't forget to share your completed challenges on social media and tag @vibely to be re-shared!

💡 If you ever need any help with your account, have any issues or suggestions, or just want to say hi- you can always email aloha@vibely.io and we will take care of you.

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