Create a vibely account on mobile:

To get the most out of Vibely, we recommend that you install the app on your phone.

  1. Open Vibely on your mobile.

  2. Click Sign up or you can just link your Apple or Google account.

  3. Choose the topics that interest you.

  4. Select a community that you wish to join.

  5. Create an email address and password.

  6. Click Continue after reviewing your account details.

  7. Read and agree with vibely's vibe check. Learn more about the vibe check here.

  8. Start creating your profile by adding your first and last name, then click Continue.

  9. For the last step, make sure to add your profile.

Create a vibely account on web:

  1. On the Vibely website, click Login.

  2. Create an email address and password or you can link your Google account.

  3. After reviewing your account details, click All set.

  4. In order for you to join a community, you need to finish setting up your account by adding your Profile picture, First name, and Last name.

  5. RReview the details and click I'm ready.

Congratulations! You have now successfully created your Vibely account. 🎉

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