With Vibely, you can customize your profile, use your profile to showcase your favorite groups, goals, dreams, achievements, hobbies, passions, aspirations, and more. You can also link your social media profiles from TikTok, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube.

Edit your profile on mobile:

  1. Click on your profile from the bottom right corner of your screen.

  2. Click the pencil/edit icon.

  3. You can now update your profile image, social links, and add facts about yourself.

  4. Click Save to keep and apply your changes after updating your profile.

Edit your profile on web:

  1. Click your profile icon from the upper right corner of your home page.

  2. Then, click Settings.

  3. Click Edit profile on the left panel.

  4. Update your profile picture, add social links, and some interesting facts about yourself.

  5. Click Save to keep and apply your changes after reviewing your updates.

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